«В живописи Германа Завьялова всегда приводит в восхищение это удивительно гармоничное сочетание великолепной традиционной отечественной школы с абсолютно современным пониманием живописных задач и их блестящим решением.» Валентин Терещенко, художник

German Zavyalov was born on October 8, 1937 in Zaryanka village of Omsk area (Siberia region, Russia). After graduating from Penza Art College in 1960 Mr. Zavyalov continued his education in the Surikov State Academic Art Institute in Moscow, where he studied up to 1966 under supervision of Professor D.K. Mochalsky.
German Zavyalov has been working in Tomsk art studios since 1960. He is the Artists’ Union of Russia member since 1967. Mr. Zavyalov was elected several times to the Board of the Tomsk City Organization of the Artists’ Union. Mr. Zavyalov was elected to the art exhibition committees of various regional art exhibitions and to the commission on paintings of the Board of the A rtists’ Union of Russia.
German Zavyalov creates unique realistic landscapes, portraits and still life following traditions of classic Russian art school of painting in oil.
Mr. Zavyalov lives in the city of Tomsk (Siberia). Annually with the beginning of navigation in late spring – early summer he starts his trip by boat along Siberian rivers to sketch Siberian nature for paintings. Alone he sailed in a boat along the cost of the Arctic Ocean in search of unique natural occurrences and themes for his paintings. German Zavyalov is the author of numerous northern nature landscapes, marines, scenes of northern people’s life.
Every autumn German Zavyalov travels to Crimea to see his old mother who lives in her private house near the town of Sudak. He stays in Crimea until spring time, working on open air and creating landscapes of Crimea’s winter nature, storming sea and foggy mountains.
Painting of German Zavyalov is full of air, harmony and peace, which charms both common viewers and art experts. Mr. Zavyalov is a creator of more then 3000 paintings. His paintings are kept and exposed in many regional museums and private collections throughout Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Poland and United States.
German Zavyalov has been exposing his paintings to the public at art exhibitions since 1967. His personal art exhibitions have been staged on regular basis in the Russian cities of Belgorod, Tomsk and Novokuznetsk.
Latest personal art exhibitions of German Zavyalov as the famous Siberian artist were staged in famous exhibition halls of Moscow such as Central House of Artists in 2005 and gallery SOVCOM in 2006 year. Mr. Zavyalov’s pictures have commercial and collection potential proved by high auction demand and constant interest of art critics to his masterpieces. German Zavyalov celebrated his 70th birthday in the year 2007. Anniversary year celebrations started with his personal art exhibition in the hall of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in January 2007. And the main event dated to his 70th jubilee was his grand personal art exhibition in Central House of Artists in Moscow which took place on November 2007.

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